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Scientek Washer Decontaminators

Scientek Washer Decontaminators offered by Sterilizer Technical Specialists

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SW3610 & SW4600 Washers
Smart Controller

Scientek’s Washer Decontaminators have been designed to combine greater processing capacity with multi-cycle programming options. Processing of surgical instruments, cannulated instruments, anesthesia items, basins, pans and utensils can now be handled quickly and efficiently in the well designed washer.

With a capacity to handle up to eight (8) instrument baskets per load at a variable cycle time of 12 – 16 minutes, the washers from Scientek deliver excellent performance. The Allen Bradley Micro-Processor control system allows maximum flexibility of cycle times and guaranteed 180°F rinse temperature. Whether you are considering a single washer or a multi-automated washing system Scientek’s SW3610 and SW4600 series will meet your washing needs. The SW-4600A auto-washer decontaminator combines high capacity with quick processing time and multiple loads to meet the demands of today’s healthcare facilities.

SW 3610:
Stainless steel type 304 construction
Drop door loading shelf. Complete with viewing window
Three-level washing rack
Micro-processor based controls
Three pre-programmed cycle selection
Digital temperature control and guarantee
Extended wash timer
Two chemical pumps (detergent and lube)
Electric sump heater
Electric valve operation (no air)
2 HP stainless steel pump to propel four rotary spray arms
Drying package

SW 4600:
Stainless steel type 304 construction
Automatic vertical lift door complete with viewing window
Four-level washing rack
Allen Bradley micro-processor based controls
Ten pre-programmed cycle selection
User interface and adjustable controls c/w Modem
Cycle status, time, event and diagnostics display
Digital temperature control and guarantee
Two chemical pumps (detergent and lube)
Steam sump heater
Electro-pneumatic valve operation
3 HP stainless steel pump to propel five rotary spray arms
Remote interior chamber illumination
Instantaneous steam heated water temperature booster
Dryer and devapourmatic package

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