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Sterilizer Technical Specialists offers a full lineup of Getinge products

Getinge’s solutions for sterile processing departments/CSSDs (Central Sterile Supply Department) optimize the entire flow of goods with the highest standards of infection control – from the moment they’ve been used until they’re removed from their sterile packs, ready to be used again.

Shorter turn-around times
All equipment and accessories are combined in the most efficient, ergonomic and economical circulation systems of sterile goods – with shorter turn-around times and a better work situation in the sterile department. The result is optimization of your hospital’s resources, both in terms of budgets and staff.

46 Series Washer Disinfectors
86 Series Washer Disinfectors
88 Turbo Washer
9027 Series Cart Washers
9100 Series Cart Washers
400/500HC Series Steam Sterilizers
400/500HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers
600HC Series Steam Sterilizers
700HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers
800HC Series Steam Sterilizers

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