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Getinge 700HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers

The Getinge 700HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers provide efficient performance, superior productivity and reliability. They are compact, versatile and combine high capacity with cost efficiency and environmental benefits. These steam sterilizers feature a chamber and jacket constructed of 316L stainless steel. The Loading Car provides increased loading capacity – up to 33% compared to older 24″ x 36″ sterilizers. It’s an ideal choice for new construction or replacing older models, offering increased loading capacity within the same wall openings and footprints of many current units.

Featuring the new AVANTI 8.4″ touchscreen display making it easier than ever to custom name cycles for fast, accurate identification. The 700HC-E Series offer cycles employing either gravity/downward displacement or dynamic air-removal pressure/vacuum pulsing. Offering up to 23 cycles, in two easy steps for applications including wrapped and unwrapped porous and non-porous hard goods, utensils, gowns or towel packs and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers.

AAMI ST8 compliant for trays up to 25 lbs each
Validated with programs for both gravity and pre-vacuum cycles at either 132ºC or 135ºC
Ideal for surgery centers and laboratories
Exceptional safety and reliability built into all aspects of design and operation

Loading Equipment
Our sterilizer load cars and transfer carriages are the ideal accessories for your steam sterilizers. They provide ease of movement and are designed for ergonomic and efficient loading and transfer of goods. All of our loading equipment and accessories are constructed of stainless steel for long life under severe conditions.

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