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88 Turbo Washer Disinfector

Getinge Infection Control Equipment
Getinge 88 Turbo Washer available from Sterilizer Technical Specialists

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88 Turbo Washer Disenfector

Getinge 88 Turbo ensures superior cleaning and disinfection of loads of up to 15 DIN trays. By eliminating added non-value time in the cycle and preheating of final rinse water, Getinge 88 Turbo achieves remarkably shorter cycle times compared to conventional washer-disinfectors.

Better throughput allows optimization of instrument utilization and a potentially increased number of operations. Naturally, the time gain is achieved without affecting the high quality of cleaning, disinfecting and drying. The benefits are obvious: higher throughput and fewer machines needed. And these benefits have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Maximum throughput with minimal labor
Getinge’s range of loading and unloading equipment includes excellent trolleys and provides high transport safety. Totally focused on users’ needs, it assures the best possible ergonomics in your daily work.

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