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Getinge 9100 Cart & Utensil Washer

Getinge Infection Control Equipment
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9100 Series Cart & Utensil Washer

Getinge 9100-series floor-loading cart & utensil washer-disinfectors provide an unmatched combination of cleaning efficacy, fast cycle times, safety and user-friendly controls. For the user, this means productive, cost efficient operation combined with reliability and efficiency in daily activities.

The automatic sliding glass door gives a full view of the chamber while saving floor space by eliminating manually hinged doors.

Superior cleaning using 128 spray jets on 16 evenly distributed lateral sweeping, vertical tubes
Fast cycles allow for cleaning, disinfecting and drying more carts in less time
Intermediate level thermal disinfection (A0 600) standard for patient and staff safety
Patented manifold docking system for instrument and utensil carts with integrated spray arms
Full-view, automatic sliding glass door
User-friendly controls
EN ISO 15883 compliant

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