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Mac Medical Warming Cabinets

Mac Medical delivers a full line of hands free, fully functional Surgical Scrub Sinks. Combining the best materials, components, and craftsmanship available, each sink is hand built to the customer’s specific need.

Key features:
Deep sloping basin
Adjustable thermostatic controlled pressure regulating mixing valve, one per station
Check stop strainers for ease of maintenance
High mount swivel gooseneck spout with adjustable swivel spray aerator
Flow control valve
Backflow preventers
Infrared sinks are equipped with a 24 volt plug in transformer
Splash screen dividers with double and triple station sinks
Main support and Z-brackets (in-wall support optional)
304 stainless steel polished and ground to a #4 finish

Knee Operated Surgical Scrub Sinks
The operation of these sinks is simple. Press the knee panel one time to activate water flow. Press again to stop flow. The soap panel works in a pumping fashion with soap being dispensed through a stainless steel spout located near the mixing valve. The base has been designed to accommodate gallon sized soap container storage behind the knee panels.

Infrared Operated Surgical Scrub Sinks
The infrared sensor is located on the front of each station and is activated by the user’s waist. There is a 2 second on/off delay for water flow. The sensor range is 12” to 14”. Both features combined eliminate activation by simply passing by. Optional knee operated or foot control soap pumps are available.

Deluxe Surgical Scrub Sinks
Built as a hybrid, these sinks have dual controls. Equipped with infrared operated water control as well as a manual bypass for knee operated water control. The main operation is via the infrared sensor located between the knee panels. The knee operation for water control is on standby as a backup. In addition the sink is also equipped with knee operated soap.

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