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Scientek Cart & Utensil Washer

With a design life in excess of thirty years the purchase of a floor loading cabinet washer is an important decision. With the SW 6000 Series washer at Scientek, it makes it an easy task.

Scientek’s SW6000 Series washers are such an obvious choice, for your decontamination central supply needs.

The SW6000 Series Cage and Rack Washers from Scientek™ have a simple well proven engineered washer design.

The powerful and effective rotating spray washing arms, together with the versatile cycle programming, make this the winning washing combination.

Simple touch controls

Full display cycle and diagnostics

Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection

Color screen control interface

Event, time and temperature displayed

Modem connection for factory upgrades

Table of washer cabinet models for the size you need – Customized widths, heights and lengths are our specialty.

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