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SSI Pharmaceutical Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Sonic Systems Pharmaceutical Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems available through Sterilizer Technical Specialists

The stringent demands for high level, repeatable cleanliness of parts and components in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry can only be achieved by the use of Ultrasonics. Sonic System’s Inc., (SSI), innovative design and reliable equipment adds efficiency and consistency to your cleaning process.

Standard Features:
Polished stainless steel console and counter top
Hinged Access Doors
Recessed gasketed lids
Polished stainless steel process tanks with coved corners
High efficiency ULTRABRAZE ® ultrasonic transducers
This rugged metallurgical bonded transducer will not detach from the wash tank like inferior epoxy based bonds
Nema 4X control panel
Sanitary plumbing
PLC controlled
Operator interface
Outstanding durability
Document retention and turnover

SSI allows you to choose from a comprehensive line of cleaning equipment, all of which is engineered and fabricated in-house to insure quality of design and performance. Products range from single tanks and consoles to fully automated systems. At SSI, we can adapt our standard line, or offer a completely custom arrangement to meet your unique and exacting requirements

Optional Features:
Electropolished surfaces
Detergent dispensing systems
Sanitary recirculation pumps and filters
Thermostatically controlled electric heaters
Custom engineered parts baskets
Parts basket transfer
Complete system automation
Stainless steel carts
Pendant arms for operator interface
Additional instrumentation
Custom sized tanks

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