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SSI 400 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Sterilizer Technical Specialists offers the Sonic Systems 400 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

In the hospital and healthcare environment, surgical instruments and devices require high level cleaning prior to sterilization and re-use. The use of ultrasonic cleaners for this critical step has been the accepted practice for generations. The 400 series allows you to add the convenience of just cleaning or rinsing and drying in a single console. Sonic Systems, Inc. (SSI) has been at the forefront of this application for over forty years.

Standard Features:
Stainless Steel Console
Safety Interlocked Cabinet Door
PLC Controlled
Rear Control Panel with Operator Interface Terminal (OIT)
Automatic Fill and Drain
Selectable Liquid Level
Low Liquid Level Safety Control
Aqualift© Power Operated Lid
Piezoelectric ULTRABRAZE® Ultrasonic Transducers
Aggressive Rinse
Thermostatically Controlled Forced Hot Air (on some models)

SSI engineers and manufactures the 400 series in-house to ensure a quality product and customer satisfaction. If you would rather separate the ultrasonic clean and rinse/dry functions into two distinct consoles you should consider our 200 series.

Optional Features:
Instrument Trays
Instrument Tray Lift
Detergent Injector
Tank Heater
Cannulated Instrument Irrigator
Manual Lid
DI Water Hook-Up (rinse cycle only)
Instrument Lubrication (rinse cycle only)

For more information about the Sonic Systems, Inc 400 Ultrasonic Cleaning products or other infection control equipment, contact Sterilizer Technical Specialists today.